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I launched a unisex clothing line designed to challenge traditional gender stereotypes. This collection offers inclusive athleisure that embraces individuality, regardless of gender identity.

Self-initiated project
Role: Founder, Graphic Designer & Art Director


There is only one colour in this palette: Pink! The intention is for pink to act as an accent across all clothing produced, serving as a consistent element in every collection while allowing the clothing and other colors to stand out.

Pink was chosen for its stereotypically feminine nature, creating a striking contrast with the name BOY.

Who doesn't love a comfy crewneck? BOY's first collection featured a limited edition of logo crewnecks, crafted from soft jersey fabric with a cozy fleece lining. Reflecting my commitment to inclusivity and the brand's value that clothing is for everyone, the collection offered sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. Perfect for layering during cold months, wearing as a cover-up before a workout, or just lounging at home.

This collection completely sold out in less than three hours. Shipments were dispatched to various locations across Ontario and even reached customers in Mexico. My dad had to teach me how to drive to deliver the Ontario ones, lol (Road trip)! 🚗

The logo features vibrant, feminine, and fluid stylized letterforms, perfectly contrasting with the name BOY. In designing this unisex clothing brand, I aimed to eliminate gender stereotypes. The name BOY, being short and simple, served as an ideal canvas for creativity. I chose a stereotypically feminine pink font to juxtapose the name, effectively neutralizing its traditionally masculine connotation. The fluid letterforms also reflect the brand's gender fluid nature.

Each order included BOY stickers, the tagline, and a handwritten note. To emphasize the sustainable, handmade aspect, I sourced plain packaging boxes to personally write on, as printed fonts didn't convey the same touch.

For Valentine's Day, I launched a mini collection called LOVERBOY. T-shirts came in a delicious chocolate brown colour. Each order was delivered with a handwritten note and some chocolates. 🍫
Kevin Hewitt Photography Inc.

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Design Systems
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