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Howie Sacks & Henry LLP

I rebranded a leading personal injury law firm to appear more approachable, emphasizing their commitment to client care.

Agency: Borealis
Role: Graphic Designer

The icon consists of a stylized version of the acronym, using the letterforms to suggest a path. The combination not only represents the strong connection between the partners, but their commitment to leading their clients through a path to recovery.

The font used for the word mark, "STIXGeneral" is approachable, yet strong, contrasting well with the icon. The names are stacked, creating a box, representing stability and protection.

The palette chosen for the wordmark combines navy with a bright orange. Navy blue is often associated with stability, trust and confidence, while producing a calming effects, which balances with the energy of the orange. Orange is associated with energy, positivity and warmth, while symbolizing strength and endurance.

Howie Sacks & Henry approached us seeking a new identity, as their current logo no longer reflected who they are. They wanted a fresh and modern look that still conveyed professionalism. The challenge was to create an identity rooted in tradition to uphold their reputation, while also being contemporary.

My observation was that law firms often appear intimidating, despite their friendly claims, so I leaned into their approachability. I aimed to convey the concept of a unit, as the brief highlighted their close-knit team. I focused on the idea of connection, reflecting both their collaborative work environment and their client relationships.

I proposed an icon to represent Howie Sacks & Henry as a cohesive unit, while also symbolizing their connection with clients, guiding them through the complexities of the legal system. The icon would provide the fresh and modern impact they desired, complemented by a traditional serif font for the wordmark to maintain a professional image.

Sarah Wilby, Ally Hawthorne

Logo Design, Art Direction, Design Systems
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