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About the Project - 


KRWND, a local Toronto black-owned woman business was looking for a digital branding concept to increase brand engagement & awareness in a powerful way. My team and I worked closely with the founder to achieve these goals.

About the Brand-

Established in 2014, KRWND is a jewelry brand and virtual design studio that specializes in custom jewelry. At KRWND we believe your jewels are your crown and your jewelry is an emblem that should be a direct and authentic reflection of you.  

Your Jewels are your crown. 

Contribution - 

Art Direction: Lily Hewitt & Emily Gomes

Strategy: Lily Hewitt

Research: Jasmin Zhang

link to Emily's portfolio:

Wear Your KRWN

Wear your KRWN not only puts out a positive message of self-love and empowerment, but also invites clients to reflect on the deeper symbolic meaning of the jewelry they wear.  

Wear your KRWN empowers clients to be the best version of themselves and celebrate their heritage by wearing jewelry that makes them feel royal. Our jewelry makes you feel confident and proud of their heritage. 

KRWND can credibly and authentically support this stance as it is a black-owned business, built off self-expression, and now celebrating what it means to be a black woman in 2021. KRWND makes you look like royalty, without having to make a big commitment when it comes to price. Consumers can put on any piece of KRWND jewelry and feel like a queen. This will inspire the existing audience, while also leveraging a positive message to attract new clients. 

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Campaign Goal

The goal is to maximize visibility in advertising by the audience seeing and listening to a collective of like-minded women of all colours celebrating their empowerment and heritage with KRWND.  

This can be done by leveraging a positive message which empowers, celebrates and includes a diverse range of women will inspire KRWND’s existing audience, as well as widen the customer base by the increased visibility.