The Problem -

Expand the NikePlus membership offer in 2020 to make it more appealing to 14-19 year old girls in London. Explore the current NikePlus membership model and establish new and exciting ways to draw in female membership and retain it.


The Insight -


Research shows that sports empower young girls to grow up feeling confident, which contributes to their success. A sad insight showed that 7 out of 10 girls quit sports when puberty hits and confidence falls. An uplifting insight showed that Nike is actually named after a woman.


The Solution  -


The best way to reach this age group in a casual way? TikTok. This is the chosen platform because of its popularity within this target market, with 65% of TikToks total users being within this demographic. The execution will consist of three TikToks. Each TikTok will show a different girl within the demographic. They will be using a custom Nike filter that is only accessible to members, urging others to sign up by using the filter. There will also be three OOH ads for street presence with QR codes that lead the audience to the videos.


My Contribution -


Art Direction