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Nova Scotia Health

I designed the new digital health strategy for the
Government of Nova Scotia,  aimed at making healthcare
more accessible for everyone.

Agency: FleishmanHillard HighRoad
Role: Graphic Designer

The challenge was to create a detailed government document with extensive content. The client wanted it to feel friendly and approachable since it outlines accessible healthcare for its population, so I had to make this content interesting and digestible.

I observed that most content today is consumed online. Recognizing that such documents can be hard to digest, I decided to incorporate interactive elements to make the information more engaging and easier
to follow.

My idea was to incorporate digital elements, such as rounded corners for images and icons, to create a more approachable feel that aligns with the digital theme. Using bright pops of colour and illustrative elements helped break up the long-form content, making it more friendly and easier to digest.

Tony Ponzo, Stefan Weidauer
Graphic Design, Illustration
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