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The Brand Story -

My wish for my handmade pieces here is that when you wear our knots, you empower yourselves to be the best you can be. A boss. A woman who knows where she stands. I hope that every single person that wears this can feel unstoppable, powerful and a force to be reckoned with. We are equals in everything that we take part in. There is a future of equality that needs to be strived for.

She is unapologetic, but good.

She is honest, but with heart.

She is wild, but she is aware.

She is flawed, but she is perfect.

She is her SELF.

About the Project - 

Photograph and design a catalog showcasing the beautiful process of the founder's work. Curate a visual story showcasing the all the brand is, and all they stand for.

My Contribution -

Art direction



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